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tv   Around the World  CNN  March 6, 2013 9:00am-10:00am PST

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so, first thing is and a lot of the professional photographers who are associated have reacting to this saying there's a little thing called the first amendment. how is this not a breach of that? >> first of all, it's tough to be famous. i couldn't imagine what you go through every day, okay. but the bottom line, the bottom line is that it's about privacy and ultimately, what happens is if you're in a public place, people take a photograph. that's one of the cause of doing business. if you're famous and you're public and you're exposed to the public, they can photo you. if you're in a private place, it's another matter, so i do expect if this passes the house for there to be a constitutional challenge. >> so, sunny, one of the things and looking at the bill right here they highlight is when photographers use visual or auditory enhancing devices. that if they weren't used, they would have to trespass to get
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that money shot, so is that what this issue about? they're just trying to keep up with technology. >> i think that's right. california's anti paparazzi law is probably the gold standard because you want to have freedom of the press, but you need to balance that against someone's right to privacy and if you're talking about someone who is in their home on or grounds where they believe themselves to be private and you know, you have these telephoto lenses but for you wouldn't be able to see them, i think that's reasonable. if you're sunbathing like kate middleton, the duchess was, you know, there shouldn't be pi pictures of her tatas all over the press. it's inappropriate. >> sunny, you hit the nail on the head with reasonable. that's part of the bill as well. sunny hostin, joe jackson, thank
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you both. do appreciate it and thank you, everyone, for watching. "around the world" is next. -- captions by vitac -- welcome to "around the world." we begin in venezuela. ♪ one leader dies. people react in two very different ways. venezuelans in kai ra kus publicly mourn the death, but this is the other side. cheers and celebration in the miami suburb of doral. some say they're not netly happy about the president's death, but they welcome the post chavez era. zblnc and the dow is up about 26
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points. a strong report from payroll processing firm adp shows private sector employment increased by 198,000 jobs last month. that is much better than expected. and in etna had a spectacular eruption last night. this video is showing europe's tallest active vocal know sending plumes of ash into the night sky. eruptions are not uncommon, but italian scientists say they've registered activity. and is the royal secret out? british newspapers are buzzing with speculation that prince william's wife is expecting a girl. why? according to a telegraph, the duchess almost let it splip. one handed her a teddy bear and she said, thank you, i'll keep that for my d -- then said my
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baby. russia's ballet rocked by scandal. first, the company's artistic director attackeded on the street and now, a confession from one of its star dancers. it's happening in the heart of russia's capital, moscow, and that is where our phil black is. so, this is a very bizarre case. police have a number of suspects confessing. do we know what the motive is? >> as described by the police, that there is a hostile relationship at work between the artistic director, the victim and who they believe was the master mind of this attack, dimitri -- sorry, paval dimitri chinka, who has been arrested and has confessed to this attack. police have even released their
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own video which shows them that yes, he did indeed do it. he organized it, but he says not to the extent that it happened. what happened, we know, was that in january, sergey was arriving at his home here in moscow when someone called out his name and he turned around and someone threw a jar of sulfuric acid into his face. police have found the man who threw the acid and the man who acted as the driver. >> sergey has these third degree burns to his face, almost lost his sight. does he think he's going to be returning? h. >> he's pretty optimistic. he's undergone multiple surgeries and he expects to spend many, many more months recovering. his doctors believe his eyesight has been saved. just how good his eyesight will be in a few months is an open ended question. he says he's still very much involved on a day-to-day basis. >> hopefully, he will be able to
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do that. thank you. venezuela is all but shut down today. this is a country in mourning. people by the thousands are publicly showing their grief after the death of president hugo chavez yesterday and leaders have begun arriving in venezuela to attend the functions there. much to talk about today after the death of this controversial and polarizing president. i want to get to michael shifter, who leads a policy forum based here in washington. also on the phone is cnn's shasta darlington. shasta, give us a sense of the mood there and where is the body of president chavez? >> well, it's pretty amazing, there are thousands of people here in the streets. they're all headed towards the military -- which is where chavez' casket would be laid out. it's on its way there now. it left the hospital this morning and it's been carried through the streets and just
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thousands of thousands of people are pouring out in their red t-shirts, their baseball cap, ca carrying flags. we saw a convoy of over 100 motorcycles. almost like a party atmosphere. people honking their horns, waving their flags. these are the people celebrating hugo chavez' life and 14 years of presidency. there are others who aren't so enthusia enthusiastic. this was a very polarizing country he's left behind with millions of people who enjoyed the benefits he brought to them, basically narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor, but also, millions of venezuelans who feel the country became a worse place to live under him. they felt the opposition was silent. they felt the economy was left in tatters and these people have come to lock themselves up in their houses and just hope this very emotional outpouring doesn't in any way turn violent. >> shasta, thank you and to you
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now, michael, the big question of the day is what now for venezuela? who's in charge there today? how will this caretaker government handle this transition? >> well, i think that the vice president is in charge. he's going to call the election which should happen within a month or so and he's in a very strong position to win those elections. there's enormous sympathy and compassion for chavez. he is the designated successor. the different factions within chavez' movement will support him and the opposition as it exists is very demoralized, very fragmented and doesn't really have a clear strategy, so the government has the upper hand in this and i would suspect that the next couple of months, things would be reasonably stable. what happens after that i think is the different question given the depth of the economic crisis the country is facing. >> so, speak to that a little bit. how do you see the next chapter
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beyond these next few months? obviously, they were prepared with chavez being so ill to kind of carry on here in the following months and for things to be stable, but beyond that, do you think that we will be seeing the opposition sort of organize better, come to maybe a meeting of the minds and oppose the government and perhaps we'll see a softening of the stance towards the u.s.? >> well, i think the opposition suffered a defeat in october. another defeat in december elections. so, they have to redwroup and they're going to be really put to a test now over the next couple of months. they're not in a strong position. but on the other hand, the government is while today, it's strong, you have an economic situation where they just devalued the currency 35%. the chances are, they'll do it again. inflation is already the highest in latin america. the security situation, crime lev level, is really off the charts. they're a scarcity of basic goods, decaying infrastructure, so the economy is not in very
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good shape and when there are really pressures on the fiscal side, i think you're going to see fighting and jockeying for position in the chavez coalition. he's going to have to share power with leaders. nobody can come close to having the charisma and capacity to bring all the factions within the chavez camp together. chavez was unique in that sense and that's going to be a real problem for the coalition. >> it's going to be interest, but also unsettling time. michael shifter, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. here's more of what we're working on this hour. inch by inch, the snow keeps piling up and we are live on the east coast on this massive storm. and is she having a baby girl? plus, drinking on the job at the united nations. one u.s. ambassador wants it to
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we had with electronic voting in the 2012 presidential election? we're not the only ones. vote counting in kenya is being slowed by technical glitches. some of the officers are manually delivering paper copies. results show kinyada leading and in south africa, the family of oscar pistorius is in a public spout over comments made to the press. the father of the athlete told a reporter his son kept guns in the house because of his personal protection because the police could thot be relied upon to protect white south africans. a statement from other family members show some distance from the family showing is family owned guns just for sport and hunting. pistorius is charged with murdering his girlfriend on valentine's day. and at the vatican, cardinals are doubling their
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schedule. tomorrow, they'll hold two pre conclave meetings and all but two cardinals have arrived for the election. workers are preparing the sistine chapel, but so far, the cardinals haven't set a date for the vote. back here in the u.s., there is a huge snowstorm bearing down on parts of the atlantic and northeast right now. hundreds of thousands of people are already without power. flights have been grounded. schools are closed. this storm hit the midwest. take a look here at this scene from minneapolis airport where storms rarely trigger flight cancellations. generally have a pretty good handle on things there, but this storm certainly did and in chicago, it just smashed records. the city got more than 9 inches of snow. actually the biggest one-day snowfall there in 14 years. that's nothing compared to what
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it's brainging to parts of the northeast. alexandria steel is tracking the storm from the cnn weather center. our joe johns is right in the thick of it in winchester, virginia, so let's start with him. joe, winchester could get almost 2 feet of snow. i see some flakes sofrt falling right there. but what are the conditions like and what are we expecting in the hours ahead? >> well, virginia's governor has declared a state of emergency. there are about 170,000 people without power at this time. a lot of people still believe that they haven't seen the worst of it and they think perhaps they're going to avoid any greater problems. of course, here in the state of virginia, particularly in the shenandoah valley, they say they've seen 12 inches, perhaps 14 inches of snow, probably more is is going to come in. the roads are considered by the virginia department, secondary
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roads are considered to be severe. in some places, impassable, so authorities are asking people to stay where they are, ride the storm out. it's not the worst snowstorm the mid-atlantic region has seen by any stretch of the imagination, none the less, it's something to watch. >> i imagine people are still, they've been preparing for this. hitting the grocery store, filling up their gas tanks. have you seen any of that? >> we've seen a lot of that and today, we've seen a lot of people who simply stayed home an that was good news for all the authorities who are trying to clear the roads. just not having people out there was a very good thing. the governor reports something like 300 accidents in the state. of course, you could have had a real mess, especially since a lot of this weather came in right before the rush hour and they've only be something like 200 or so stalled cars throughout the state of virginia. it hasn't been frankly that bad.
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>> yeah, that's not too bad at all. good thing i think, joe, people maybe are just staying home and curling up with a good book. joe johns for us there in winchester, virginia. now, to alexandria steele in the cnn weather center. here in d.c., we're expected to get major snowfall. it's quite nice on the roads coming in because nobody was on the roads and i was able to just rush right into work so easy, but how bad do we think this is going to get ahead? >> this storm's got through city stops. we've seen chicago. right now, it's washington, then it's going to be boston's turn. we're going to watch that tomorrow and it will have its own diftties this and wind is one of them. it's march. it's a heavy, wet, excruciating snow if you're trying to shovel out there. here's where we are. it's also a temperature battle setting up. you know, it's march, a high sun angle. the asphalt in the city of washington impacting factor.
9:19 am
the snow where we're seeing ilt, temperatures are cold enough, here's the green. all this moisture, warm, moist air and we're seeing a battle of rain and snow, wu the snow will win out. right now in d.c., it's 36 degrees, we are see light rain. beautiful, but really hasn't accumulated within the beltway. but it will. let me show you this big picture. here's washington. we're seeing breaks, but here's winchester where joe johns is in the thick of it. places along this i-81 corridor have received 12 inch, but we are going to see e this cold air win out. we're going to watch the atmosphere change a little bit in washington. rockville, maryland, is just kind of a step away from d.c. 1.5. winchester, virginia, 7. you get the picture. so additional snowfall. here's kind of where we'll see
9:20 am
the most of it. west of washington around dulles, 10 to 15. west of that, maybe another 10. east of that, of course where there's this water influence, maybe 1 or 2 inches, but boston, 4 to 8 inches. it will be a boston storm tomorrow into friday. only 4 to 8, but the problem there will be power outages. we'll see wind gusts to 50 miles per hour, so that may be the calling card of this, especially in new england. >> that's the worst, the power outages when it's so cold already. thank you. it may be the worst kept sket. did duchess catherine reveal he's having a girl? hean't alwaye the way she wants. now you can. with stayfree ultra thins. flexible layers move with your body while thermocontrol wicks moisture away. keep moving. stayfree.
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it has britain buzzing, not just britain, the whole world wondering if the wife to prince william, did she hint she's having a baby girl? let's get more from max foster. this is the front page headline in london. tell us exactly what was said and why we think perhaps this is
9:24 am
a princess? >> it is absolutely important to be precise on this because it's absolutely crazy in this country as i will explain. what happened was the duchess was doing a walk about yesterday, so she's meeting the public and she chats with the public and she meets a lady. sandra cook, 67 years old. afterwards, sandra speaks to the press gathered there because the duchess doesn't generally speak to the media. she said the lady next to me gave her a teddy bear and i distintly heard her say, thank you, i'll take that back for my d -- then you were going to say daughter, weren't you? she said, no, we don't know. this is sandra saying, oh, i think you do, to which the
9:25 am
duchess said we're not telling. the queen reads and even "daily mirror" here saying it's a girl. >> i think this is a huge deal. i'm very curious about this. but you know, we want to know about this because we're kind of you know, voyeurs into the royals, but it's not entirely a trivial manner. what if the duchess did have a girl? how does that affect things? >> at the moment, if she had a girl and a younger brother, that younger brother would become king, leaping the girl. a sexist law, so the law is being changed. has to be changed in 16 countries around the world, so that's really the justification for hunting down this information, but it's gone completely wild and a lot of people saying it's completely out of proportion. a bit of confusion when a local
9:26 am
newspaper said spoke to someone else, i asked her if the baby had been kicking, i swear she replied, yes, he is. >> interesting. maybe this is all part of the duchess' grand plan to keep us guessing. what if there's twins? >> then the palace has come in saying neither of them know. any way, a story that's everywhere, but pretty hard to get to the bottom of. more of this to come. >> we're hoping you will crack it wide open for us very soon. max foster, appreciate that. the blade runner's dad is speaking out. some are saying his comments are racist and it's causing some family drama, too. it's red lot our largest selection of lobster entrees, like lobster lover's dream or new grilled lobster and lobster tacos. come in now and sea food differently. visit now for an exclusive $10 coupon on two lobsterfest entrees. [ sneezes ]
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welcome back. here are some of our top stories we're following.
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the united nations says 1 million people have fled syria since the civil war began two years ago. most of them get out on foot like you see these people doing. these are people who fear for their lives and for the lives of their families and they're fleeing at an alarming rate of about 1400 a day. the head of the u.n.'s refugee commission describes syria has spiralling toward full scale disaster. in europe, regulators have slapped microsoft with a $730 million fine for antitrust violations. the european commission says microsoft failed to honor an agreement to give europe's 15 million users a choice of internet browser. this is the first time actually that the commission has imposed sanctions like this and they're calling it a serious enfringement. microsoft apologized for what it described as a technical error, though it lasted 14 months. we're going live to south africa, a country consumed with
9:31 am
a murder case involving a national hero. but attention this day is diverted slightly away from oscar pistorius. he is that liolympic track star accused of premeditated murder in the shoothing death of his girlfriend last month on valentine's day, in fact. today, his father is accused of making racist comments about the reasons his son owned an arsonal of weapons and erol, tell what you say oscar pistorius' father said that's getting so much attention here? >> this stems from a report earlier this week in an african newspaper which said among the pistorius clan, oscar's father, grandfather and uncles, they had some 55 weapons between them. shotguns and pistols. now, when the telegraph newspaper asked oscar's father why the need for so many weapons, he responded with this.
9:32 am
quote, some of the guns are for hunting, some for protections, the handguns. it speaks of the anc government. look at white crime levels. it's an aspect of our society. you can't trust the police. many saw that as essentially saying that white south africans need to arm themselves because the government and local police force will not protect them. now, the ruling party here responded to that comment quite sternly saying quote, not only is this statement devoid of truth, it is also racist. now, i should also mention that the pr agency representing the pistorius family says that the rest of the family distances itself from the comments, that they are a cause for concern, but it's really struck a nerve in this country. people wonder xiaoqiang this really valid? studies show that white south africans generally speaking are more fearful of being the victims of crime than their black south african counterparts, however, other statistics show that crime,
9:33 am
violent crime, rapes and murders are more common in the poor parts, the township, populated by black south africans. the research council found that black south africans, statistically speaking, are more likely to be the victims. many are wondering what he is basing these comments on. >> and also, something coming out of this story today is that the family of reeva steenkamp has broken its silence. this is the first time since pistorius was released. what are they saying? >> you've got to pistorius clan dealing with the controversy and the steenkamp clan appearing to grieve. they are breaking their silence to cnn. drew griffin was able to interview her uncle and simply asked him what he wants. >> i would like to be face to face with him and forgive him.
9:34 am
forgive him what he's done. and that way i can find what's probably more peace with the situation. >> and you would forgive him, whether this was a tragic accident or whether this was -- >> whatever, whatever the outcome. i feel that my belief if christ would forgive when he died on the cross, why can't i? who am i not to forgive him? >> you can see e the entire interview tonight on "ac 360," but we won't know anything definnive about what happened. n >> he would forgive him, almost unbelievable to i'm sure so some people. thank you for that. you don't want to miss "anderson cooper 360" tonight.
9:35 am
there will be more from the family speaking for the first time since pistorius' release. you can see that at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. one day after hitting an all-time high, the dow is marching even higher. right now, up about 23 point. the rally has been driven by improved economic numbers and alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange to break this all down for us. why are we seeing this? >> well, the dow is a bit hire, but it was a lot higher earlier when investors bought in after a report. we are seeing those gains fall back, but still, the dow is in the plus column. what that report showed was that employers added 198,000 jobs last month and that's a good sign because this report is considered an appetizer to the main course that's coming on friday and that's the official government jobs report. the expectation there is to see a gain of 175,000 positions for february, but you know what the big question everybody's asking today, everybody's asking can
9:36 am
stocks maintain these eye popping levels and many analysts we have talked to say stocks are pretty right for a correction. these are skeptics who said this can't last forever, especially if you look at history as our good. if you look at how the dow did, it fell. the anticipation is not to see that kind of pullback, but if the jobs report misses expectation, we could see investors take some profits off the table. >> you said this is an appetizer to the main course. i think we all, we need a little dessert to be honest when you think of the way some americans are feeling. i don't know, but we could sure use it. >> yeah. >> definitely. alison kosik for us at the new york stock exchange. thank you. they're being called the dirty dozen. a priest abused victims group is blacklisting 12 candidates to be pope and one is a cardinal from the u.s. hat we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day...
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an international group that supports people sexually abused by priests is sending a blunt message to the vatican. it is naming 12 cardinals who it says should not be elected pope because of the way they've handled past sex abuse claims. the group is calling those card malls the dirty dozen. what exactly is the group's complaint here, ben? >> well, the group's complaint is that these 12 cardinal, three from the united states, did not do enough to root out priests and other members of the churnl who abused children. what they would like to see is they want to make sure these 12 cardinals who are quite prominent as they're called here in rome -- potential pope candidates. they don't want them to be elected pope. first of all, but they're also
9:41 am
calling for all those members of the church who were involved in the abuse of children to be immediately defrocked. they're saying that now when the vatican is preparing to elect a new pope is the time to speak out on this issue. >> if we tried silence, silence didn't work, so we have to speak out. we have to do everything we can to get this information out there. >> we did reach out to representatives of some of those cardinals. they did decline to comment on the accusations. spokesman for the vatican added that snap, the name of that network, has no say in the election of the next pope. >> so, maybe they say there's no say, ben, but do you think this could have an impact? even if not sort of officially? >> well, there's no question that the whole matter, the whole
9:42 am
burning issue of abuse of children, of priests by members of the clergy looms very largely over the current congregation that's meeting. the cardinals who are meeting and will no doubt loom heavily, largely, over the conclave as well, but what's interesting is it appears a gag order has come out from the vatican. today, there was supposed to be a press conference by american cardinals. it was canceled 15 minutes beforehand. what is clear is that the vatican finds there's a little too much talk about the issues in the lead-up to the conclave, of course, a date of which has not been set and it appears they want to lower a cone of sigh lentz so lens over the current deliberations. >> thank you. a baby's brutal death is sparking outrage in china. a man confessed to strangling an
9:43 am
infant he found in a car he stole. the case has led to an outpouring of shock and grief online. >> it started with on online outcry, which led to a massive man hunt and ended in tragedy. it happened in china when his father went to turn on the heat in a supermarket. when he came outside, the car was missing. went to the local authorities who alerted citizens on the twitter like service here in china and they went to it and they drove starting a man hunt online, which ended with a man hunt on the ground. no sign of the child. 36 hours later, after china was on hooks, this happened. a man came into local police station. he said that he had strangled the child after he had heard about the outcry and buried him in the snow. f the incident has led to real soul searching here in china,
9:44 am
many people venting their opinions. one person saying compared to the criminal, i'm more irritated by the parents. what kind of people will leave their babies alone in cars? another one saying i'm going to stay something different. i think it's the media and people's fault. everyone is is posting information about the baby. it irritated the killer. a very ill advised move, a buick dealership seemed to want to get in on the discussion and posted this saying that buick had gps and you could find your car if you lost it. also, hyundai on its official chinese website put out they gave central locking and gave hints on how to lock your car if you leave your child in it. in china, many people wonderfin the worth of social media as a tool when it ultimately comes down to the life of this child. authorities now say that the
9:45 am
parents have been able to find heibo in the snow and identified his body. african forest elephants are heading for extinction. beautiful animals that could be gone in the next decade. we'll be talking with philippe kus toe, next. . that's three times more than me! [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. [ female announcer ] roc® retinol correxion max. the power of roc® retinol is intensified with a serum. it's proven to be 4x better at smoothing lines and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. roc® max for maximum results.
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welcome back. here are the top stories. right now, despite mounting criticism, the former president of poland says he will not apologize for anti gay comments. he told a report that as a minority, gays have no right to a prominent position in politics. he said they should sit in back of parliament or even a wall. a shocking new study has found african forest elephants, beautiful, beautiful animals, could become extinct within ten years. 25,000 have been killed annually in the last decade. many are hunted down by poachers looking to sell their tusks. the population has declined 50% in just two years. let's get now to cnn's special correspondent, philippe cousteau, joining me from los angeles. if you look at the pictures of
9:49 am
these elephants, it just seems so sad. what is the main reason for this fast track to extinction? it seems like it's poaching, but why can't this be prevented? >> well, this is indeed very, very tragic news coming out. 65% of these elephants killed in the last ten years. so, you know, the real issue of course is that this is happening in central africa around the democratic republic of congo, cameroon. those are areas that are essentially lawless. a lot of resource extraction, logging and of course, traditionally, these elephants were largely protected by the fact they lived in very dense forest areas, but logging and mining causes roads to be built, which then allows the poachers to come in and fundamentally, this is still an issue about ivory in the same way that the
9:50 am
ivory trade is threatening the larger savannah elephant further south in africa. the demand for ivory in china and the far east has skyrocketed over the last ten years and really contributed to the fact these incredible animals are facing extinction within the next decade. i mean, just a staggering development. >> it's unbelievable and when you say that they're building these roads and the poachers have access, realistically, what can be done? can anything be done here to prevent this? >> there's a couple of things that's really posht to remember. great question and one of those certainly is consumer demand. believe it or not, last summer, there was a major bust in new york city for the ivory, for ivory trade. antique stores that were selling ivory illegally, so there is a demand issue here. buyer beware, do not consume, do not buy these types of products. there are websites that advertise ivory as well. of course, we need to continue
9:51 am
to put pressure on international governments. prime minister xinhua of thailand just stated she has supportive of banning the ivory trade in thailand, but unfortunately, didn't give a timeline for that. so that's a positive development, but we need to keep pressure on the international community to actually do something about this because remember, this is really important. this isn't just you know, back in the day, people would assume these were poachers that would go after individuals trying to feed their families. a lot of it is organized crime, so it's cheap money to make with attack helicopters to get this ivory and sell it and a lot of these institutions that use that money to support human trafficking drugs et cetera. it's of course an issue for all of us to e see these majestic creatures disappear and it's important for us to remember that we need to continue to put
9:52 am
pressure on our elected leaders and make better choices as consume consumers. >> philippe kus tow, thank you for informing us. thank you. sometimes, the best wheeling and dealing happens of course over maybe a beer. a glass of wine. yes, even at the uniteded nations. but a u.s. delegate says it needs to stop, there shouldn't be any more drinking on the job. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues
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with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. you know you could just use bengay zero degrees. medicated pain relief you store in the freezer. brrr...see ya boys. [ male announcer ] bengay zero degrees. freeze and move on.
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people who buy playboy magazine, what do you say? i bu it for the articles. they can now read it in hebrew. it hits newsstands in israel this week. the local edition will feature israeli writers and models. it has been available in israel for many years, but never with original content in hebrew. a few drinks to celebrate a job well done at the u.n., it isn't that rare. but did you know that drinking is going on during some negotiations? richard roth reports that a u.s. delegates wants to put an end to all of that. >> put 193 countries who all want something from each other in one place and you're bound to have some drinking. it could ease tensions and perhaps lower barriers to
9:56 am
agreement. in a rare rebuke to the world, a u.s. diplomat monday in public scolded fellow diplomats for drinking on the job. >> as for the conduct of negotiations, mr. chairman, we make the modest proposal that the negotiating rooms should in future be an ininebriation free zone. >> there are stories told of delegates even bringing in liquor to close in negotiations on christmas budget talks. the most famous u.n. drinking incident occurred more than two years ago overseas when secretary general for economic affairs went on a drunken rampage, telling his boss, ban ki-moon, i know you never liked me, mr. secretary general. well, i never liked you either. he later apologized. there is just a handful of establishments where diplomats are eat or drink here at u.n. headquarters, so in those late night meetings, they've had to look elsewhere.
9:57 am
>> in the past, the french have brought wine, canadians have brought canadian whisky. the russians kind of crack open a bottle of vodka. whether they crack it open before or afterwards, but there's sort of tradition of drinking. >> several diplomats denied seeing excessive drinking on the grounds. >> of course, in diplomacy, there are a lot of receptions, a lot of dinners, a lot of lunches that take place and people may have a drink on those occasions, but in my experience, drink has never come into question of negotiations. >> behind the drinking is frustration that nonwestern countries are interested in reforming the organization at those late night meetings. >> let's save the champagne for toasting a successful end to the session. it is the world's largest mall with an amusement park even inside, but where are the shoppers? and she touched hearts and inspired the world, but now,
9:58 am
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